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Wederhorn family presented in these www-pages was originally living in Finnish county of Jääski, Kuurmanpohja village. Jääski county is located in southern Karelia, south of Finnish town Imatra and is nowadays part Russia. Wederhorn name started to appear at Kuurmanpohja village in 18th century in Lemmetty farms. Finland and Jääski were part of Sweden in those days and Swedish-Russian border was close in Karelia. Lemmetty farm supported a soldier and a horse in the Swedish army and were released of paying taxes to the crown.The first known Wederhorn among Lemmetty families was soldier dragoon Mikko Wederhorn, born 1702, died 1761. Later on the name became abundant at Kuurmanpohja village. By the beginning of 19th century the original Lemmetty farm was divided into three farms: Harju, Mauno and Seppä. One of the Seppä farm sons married to village of Lottola, also located in Jääski county. After the Second World War Wederhorn farms and families moved to various places in southern Finland.

Wederhorn name appears in the registers also as Vederhorn and Wäderhorn. In the 1930's some of the Wederhorn families changed their name to Finnish names Harju, Sarviharju and Kyösola.

Another appearance of Wederhorn name is in Finnish Karelian county of Kurkijoki, which is also part of Russia now. There lived a family of Jacob Wederhorn, who was a teacher. On of the ancestors of Finnish poet Eino Leino was from this family.

It is also known that the Swedish army commander Åke Tott had Wederhorn named officers in his troops in Karelian town Viborg.

One of the Swedish knight families present at Riddarhuset in Stockholm is called "adliga ätten Wädurhorn, nr 225", of which the last notes in the register state that "Anders Gjordson Wädurhorn (son av Gjord Andersson.. rusted till Riga 1621), Son: Gjord, f posthumus 1621; levde i juni 1638, då han befann sig i främmande land, men troligen ? ung.

It is not known whether there is a connection between Wederhorn appearances in Viborg, Kuurmanpohja or Kurkijoki or even with the Swedish Wädurhorn family. Intrestingly there are Wederhorn name appearances also in Denmark and in Preussen.

Today there are about 50 Finnish families in the Wederhorn family association and about 30 Wederhorn's in the Finnish phone book.